Update 15.12.2014

Update EZYcount of 15.12.2014

After the first months of operations, we are delighted to make available new functionalities for EZYcount. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Linkedin to receive all the news.

Here are the main improvements:

  1. Bookings in currency: It is now possible to book with foreign currencies. For example, if you invoice clients in the Euro-zone, or if you book a hotel bill from last business trip abroad.
  2. Reminders: Cash management is key in all companies. EZYcount helps you, with the reminder feature, to stay on top of all the money you need to pay or receive. You can now add a reminder to a booking (for example when a customer payment is due) and access all the reminders at once.
  3. Changes in the booking interface: With the addition of the currencies and reminders, we had to change the booking interface. We hope you will like it; we tried to include all your feedback.
  4. Direct access for trustees: Trustee have now a dedicated space to register and contact the EZYcount team.
  5. Stay tuned with Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter to get all of it.

    If you have questions, comments or feedback concerning the update, please contact us directly at support@ezycount.ch We will make sure to answer you as soon as possible and integrate your feedback in the future EZYcount update.