Cash booking

Cash booking

You want to book your bank statement, use the special “cash booking”.

Description of the page

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1) Use the cash booking to quickly book your bank statement. Input the information if you paid something or if you received money and what account is the reason for it.

Cash booking page

Cash booking page


  1. Cash account: The cash account you want to book in/from.

  3. Booking number: The reference number of your booking. By default, the value is “automated number”. EZYcount will take the next available number when you press the button “Save for later” or “Book”.
    If you want to use a specific number, you can type it inside the field. Numbers and letters are accepted.
    We recommend you to write this number on the supporting document (for example the supplier’s invoice) to be able to quickly find the booking if you see the document.

  5. Booking date: The booking’s date. For example, payments are usually booked at the date the money is taken out of your account. This date is on your bank statement.

  7. Money received or paid: Did you pay something or did you received money?

  9. Account: The reason of the booking. For example if this is a sales, take the 3200 Trades Revenues account. If your paid an electricity bill for your office, choose 6000 Building expenditure.

  11. Amount: The amount of your booking has to be a positive number and follows your rounding rules. In the company settings, you can choose to round all numbers to the nearest 0.05 or 0.01.

  13. Description: This field is free for you to describe what is your booking about. The maximal length is 255 characters.

  15. VAT code (only available if you are VAT registered): The VAT code. All VAT codes activated in the company settings are listed when you click on the field. The code number, the rate and the description are shown. For more on how to setup VAT, go to the VAT setup support page.

  17. Gross or Net booking (only available if you are VAT registered): Choose if you give as amount the Gross amount or Net amount. The question mark next to the title “Net” explain the principle. If the box is ticked, you give the Net amount. The principle is: GROSS = NET + VAT. The T-View help you to see the influence on your booking if you take one or the other method.

  19. Add reminder: Open the reminder menu to add a reminder to the booking. A reminder has two infos, date on which the reminder should be created and a description of the reminder.

  21. Add currency: Open the currency menu to book directly with a foreign currency. Choose the currency and change the rate if necessary. See the Currency page for more information.

  23. “Book” button: Book the booking.

  25. “Save for later” button: Save the booking. This booking will not impact your balance sheet, income statement or VAT reports. The description field cannot be empty if you save the booking. This is used to save the booking to let someone else finish it. For example your friend who has good knowledge about accounting or your trustee.

  27. “Cancel” button: Cancel the current booking and empty all the fields.

Before you book the booking, you can have a look at it in the T-View.
Once you made the booking, you can edit it or delete it.



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