Bank account statement

Bank account statement

Import bank account statements to streamline you work:



1) There are multiple benefits of importing bank account statements:

  1. Save time: By importing the bank account statement, bookings are prefilled and you have less information to input. Acutally you only have to give the offset account and the VAT for simple bookings or you also need to split the amount for multiple bookings.
  2. No direction mistake: EZYcount generates the booking directly in the right direction. No more debit / credit mistake.
  3. No writing mistake on numbers: How many times, we realize that we made one small writing mistakes on amounts at the end of the bank account statement bookings when the totals don’t match? Then we have to check everyhting again and this is very time consuming and generates frustration!
    No more of that, EZYcount input automatically the amount in the booking. No more mistake on amounts are possible.
  4. Detailed description: Detailed description are very time consuming to input. However with the bank import, all details related to bank entries are inputted in the field description. This also allow easy research of the booking later on.


2) Accepted bank imports:

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