Account statement by Postfinance (camt053)

You want to download the account statement in format camt053 from Postfinance ebanking to import it in EZYcount:



1) To receive for free the account statement in camt053 format, you will have for the first time to fill out a form, print it out and send it to your Postfinance bank advisor.

Here is the form to fill out: e document postfinance pdf


To do so correctly (it’s a long 8 pages form), please follow these instructions:

1. Customer: Fill up with your information
2. Data supplier: Leave empty
3. Postal accounts: Input all your Postfinance accounts
4. Notification
4.1.1. Delivery to subscribers: Electronic account documents Frequency: Choose the frequency, we recommend weekly or monthly Channel: E-finance (this means e-banking) Format: Select PDF with image and ISO 20022 without image. Then you will receive both. The pdf to keep in your folders and the camt053 (named here ISO 20022) for the import.
4.1.2. Leave empty
4.2. Credit advice: Leave empty
4.3. Intraday account statement: Leave empty
5. Custody account statement and mouvements: Leave empty
6. Order advice: Leave empty
7. E-banking program/software: Software name: EZYcount Software company: supverVX AG

Don’t forget to sign and send it straight to your Postfinance advisor.


2) Login in Postfinance.

Postfinance Login

Postfinance Login


3) Download the camt053 file by:

  1. Go to “Download”
  2. Download the XML document

Postfinance camt053

Postfinance camt053


4) Import the file in EZYcount

If you have a question, please contact us at