Access rights

Company settings: Access rights

You want to give access rights to your trustee or your friends who sometimes helps you on accounting matter?



In the company settings, you find the access rights:

Access rights page

Access rights page

  1. Invite someone to your accounting:
    • Email: type the email address of the person you want to invite. If this person is already an EZYcount user, the rights are directly added to him/her and he/she receives an information email. If the person is not an EZYcount user yet, he/she receives an email to register. After registration, the rights are added.
    • Access rights: Which acess do you want to give to the person? This can be a viewer who can just look; an editor who can edit and make bookings; an administrator who can manage subscriptions and access rights on top of the editor.
  2. Multiple access rights status: The list of all users having access to this company’s accounting. With the button “edit” and “delete”, you can manage the access rights.
  3. Rights table: This table explains the access rights.

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