Automatic import with Raiffeisen

It is possible to link your Raiffeisen bank accounts with EZYcount so that the transactions of the day will be automatically reflected in EZYcount the next day.

You are not at Raiffeisen and want to change to automate your accounting? Nothing could be simpler, send an email to and we will help you to make the transfer.

Follow this process once to link your account and your accounting:

  1. Go to “Booking-> Import Bookings”.
  2. Click on the tab “Automatic Bank Import”.
  3. Click on the “Create New Import” button
Import page EZYcount
  • Choose Raiffeisen
  • Insert your IBAN number
  • Choose the bank account in EZYcount
  • Give a name to this link
  • Insert account holder
Import PDF
  • Complete the document with your information, the name of your Raiffeisen bank and the accounts to be linked.
  • Date and sign the document and send it to your Raiffeisen consultant.
  • You’re done ⭐.

Within one to two weeks, the entries will start to import themselves.

This process is still new. It is possible that your Raiffeisen bank will ask you to sign an additional document or that your advisor will send you documents concerning the link with EZYcount. If this is the case, we are at your disposal at