VAT codes

Manage your VAT codes

In the “VAT” menu, you can manage your codes.

Almost all the swiss VAT codes are already registered in your accounting, you can activate them or deactivate them according to your needs.

VAT codes

VAT codes


  1. Create a new VAT code
  2. Sélectionnez pour montrer uniquement les codes TVA actifs. Select to show only the actif VAT codes
  3. Board of VAT codes
  4. Edit a VAT code. Select this button to activate ou deactivate a code

To create new VAT codes, select the button “Create new VAT code”

create VAT codes

Create VAT codes


  1. Identification number of VAT codes
  2. VAT codes Names; for example “sell at 8%”
  3. Numéro du champ dans le rapport officiel où les montants passés doivent être inscrit. Le champ est un nombre à trois chiffres. Number of the field in the official report where the past amounts must be registered. The field is a three-digit number.
  4. The + button allow you to add more field for this number. It allows to insert the amount into several categories of the official report
  5. VAT rate
  6. Select for companies following the VAT of the net fiscal debt.
  7. If 6 select, it is necessary to register a rate for the report. Watch out, pay special attention that in this case, the rate in the number 5 is 0 %.
  8. Account for the VAT writing
  9. At the beginning of validity of the code VAT.
  10. At the end of validity of the code VAT.
  11. Select so that the code is usable during writings.
  12. Protect or to cancel the creation of the code VAT

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