Edit or delete a booking

Simple booking: Edit or delete a booking

You want to edit or delete a booking you already created in your company.

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1) Description of the edit and delete part of the “Simple Booking” page or “Cash Booking” page.

Manage bookings table

Manage bookings table


  1. Column header:
    • Booking’s number: the booking’s identification number. If the booking has VAT, there are two bookings with the same number where one is the VAT.
    • Booking’s state: There are three different states, Booked (booking done), Saved (booking not finished yet but saved) and Definitive (booking done and locked).
    • Booking’s date: the booking’s date.
    • Description: the booking’s description.
    • Debit account: the debit account number.
    • Credit account: the credit account number.
    • Amount: the booking’s amount.
    • VAT booking: “Yes” means that the booking has a related VAT booking with the same number. “No” means that this booking has been done without VAT.

  3. Number of entries: Select how many entries or lines you want to see per page. You can choose between 10, 25, 50 or 100.

  5. Search function: Search directly in all bookings in your accounting. This search apply to all columns of the table.

  7. Sort: Sort the column. The orange triangle shows which column is sorted and in which direction. “First to Last” or “Last to First”.

  9. “Edit” and “Delete buttons: “Edit button” load the attached booking in the “create a booking” fields. You can then change what you want and confirm the changes by clicking on “Book”. “Delete” button Delete the booking. You will have to confirm that you want to delete the booking.

  11. Booking which cannot be changed: These bookings cannot be changed. It could be a VAT booking, this means that if you want to change it, you need to edit the main booking, which has the same Booking’s number as the VAT booking. It could also be that the booking is definitive. This means that you already printed an official VAT report and that you cannot edit or delete that booking anymore. For more details, see VAT official report.

  13. Pagination: Change the page shown to navigate through your bookings.


Once you edited a booking, you can have a look at the bigger picture by printing a balance sheet or income statement.


Edit or delete a booking Troubleshoot