Create an invoice

Create an invoice

Now that all the basis data are made, you can create your first invoice..

If you forgot to complete all basis data, you can do it here

Invoice is divided in three parts:

  1. Invoice data
  2. Positions
  3. Totals and print


Invoice view

Invoice view


Invoice data:

  • Invoice number: Automatic number which you can manually change. Appears on the invoice.
  • Customer: Chose the customer from the list of the one you already created. Data related to customer appear on the invoice.
  • Invoice date: The invoice date appears on the invoice.
  • Design: Chose the invoice design from those created by the EZYcount team. If you need a personalised design, please contact
  • Bank account: Chose the bank account where the customer should pay. The related data appear on the invoice.
  • Payment conditions: Chose the payment condition. Related data appear on the invoice.
  • Invoice comment: This field appear on the invoice. You can write on multiple lines.


Each line is a product position:

  • Qte: Quantity of product in the position. For example, 5 bottles of water.
  • Product: Chose the product from the list of created products.
  • Comment: Product comment is automatically inputted. You can change is manually if needed. If you change it, this will not change the comment in the product file.
  • Unit price: The price per unit is automatically inputted from the product file. It is possible to change it manually.
  • Total: Multiplication of quantity and price per unit.
  • VAT: VAT rate related to the VAT code in the product file.
  • Delete a position: The cross delete the position.

Totals and print:

  • Totals detail the sum with and without VAT.
  • You need to save before downloading the PDF for change to take effect.
  • Download PDF: The invoice is generated in PDF. You can print it and send it per mail or you can send it per email as attachment.


For all questions, the EZYcount support team is available at