VAT rates change on 01.01.2018

VAT rates change on the first of January 2018 in Switzerland

VAT rates change in Switzerland on the first of January 2018.Les taux de TVA changent en Suisse au premier janvier 2018. Below are the instructions how to make the required changes in your EZYcount accounting and EZYinvoice systems.

For more general information about the VAT change, see the following detailed post: LINK

Change VAT rates in EZYcount

The new VAT reates have been automatically added to your accounting by the EZYcount team on the 30.12.2017. You find the list of all VAT rates under “VAT->VAT rates”

VAT code list

List of all VAT rates

You have two tasks:

1. You have to activate the rates you want to use and deactivate the old ones.
2. You have to change the default VAT rates in the accounts of the chart of account.

Activate the new rates – deactivate the old rates

  1. Click on “Show only active rates”.
  2. Analyse each VAT rate. If one of the two following is correct, deactivate the rate, write down the number aind the name so that you can activate the corresponding new rate. a) The rate is 8% or 2.5% b) The numbers are 301, 311, 321, 331 341 or 381.
  3. For each deactivated rate, activate a new rate.

Change the default rates in the chart of account

  1. Go to “Parameters->Chart of account”
  2. Double click on each account
  3. If a VAT code is selected, check the code and if needed, select one of the new VAT code.

The procedure to change VAT rates in EZYcount in finished.

The EZYcount team can make these manual changes for your for a fiduciary fee. Contact EZYcount team per email

Change VAT rates in EZYinvoice

  1. Go to “Parameters->VAT rates”
  2. Click on “Add a new rate”
  3. Under “Name” and “Rate”, insert 7.7% and 2.4%.
  4. If you have linked EZYinvoice with your accounting, under “Accounting number” instert the VAT code of your accoutning.
  5. Go to “Parameters->Products”.
  6. For each product, click on “Select” and choose “Modify product”.
  7. Change VAT rate.

The change procedure is done for EZYinvoice.