First connection

First connection to EZYcount

You’ve just registered and logged in. Now you want to start working on your accounting.

The 5 possibilities are:

  1. Start your accounting: Try with an example (Recommended)
  2. Start your accounting: Create your Company’s Accounting
  3. Manage your account
  4. Go to the support webpage
  5. Logout



First connection page

First connection page

1) “Try with an example”: EZYcount creates a full accounting example just for you. The example is EZYcafé, a small café.
Within the example, you can make bookings, look at a balance sheet or check an account statement with data already booked.
This give you a good idea of what really is EZYcount.

2) “Create your own” button: Create your company’s accounting with an easy 6 steps process.

First connection menu

First connection menu

3) “My account”: Manage your accounts information such as your password, name or email address. The logout button is also here.

4) “Support”: Move to the support webpage. This is the website you are currently on.

5) “Logout”: You Log out from EZYcount. We recommend strongly to log out every time you finish to work with EZYcount.