Accounting information

Company Creation: Accounting Information

This is the second step of the company creation process. You will input specific information about your accounting.

The 2 steps are:

  1. Fill in each fields
  2. Confirm the information by clicking on “Save and continue”

Or jump directly to the Accounting information troubleshoot chapter.



1) Fill in each field.

Accounting information

Accounting information

  • Start of the first accounting year: the date when you want to start your accounting in EZYcount.
  • End of the accounting year: The date of the end of the accounting year of the company. Usually this is the 31.12. If you are not sure, ask your trustee.
  • Base currency: This is your company’s main currency. You can still book documents in other currency, you will have to calculate manually the difference. For example, if you make your accounting in CHF and you buy in Germany a table for €300.- and the € change to CHF is 1.15; this means you will book in your accounting 300 * 1.15 = CHF345.-


2) Confirm the information by clicking on “Save and continue”

If you inputted all the information correctly, you are automatically moved to the next step: “VAT setup”.

If you successfully finished a step, the information are saved and you can come back later to continue the process.


Accounting information Troubleshoot

We recommend you to use for:

  • For the start of the first accounting year: the day after your last balance sheet if you already had an accounting software; the day of the creation of the company if EZYcount is your first accounting software.
  • for the end of the accounting year: 31.12; thus the accounting year match the normal calendar.
  • for the base currency: CHF as your company is in Switzerland and the official currency in Switzerland is the CHF.

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