QR invoice

You can generate QR invoices with EZYinvoice.

First, contact your bank to register for the QR invoice scheme and receive your QR IBAN.

Warning: QR IBAN is not IBAN

We also recommend choosing the option of individual postings instead of grouping if your bank offers it. Each payment from a customer will be a line item on your account statement. This makes posting entries easier and faster in your accounting.

In the Settings area, go to the QR invoice menu.

Fill in the information by following the image below and including your IBAN QR.

Settings QR invoice

Setting up QR invoice

You can then generate QR invoices for each invoice by clicking on the QR invoice button at the bottom of an invoice.

Here is an example of an QR invoice :

Example of QR invoice
QR invoice

When your client pays the invoice, the reference number and additional information must be on your bank statement. If this is not the case, please contact your bank.

You can also have the Invoice QR directly on the invoice in the specific and unique template you find here: Attention, it is not possible to modify it because of the Invoice QR.

QR invoice on invoice
QR invoice on invoice