Company details

Compagny details

Manage the various options of your company directly from this page.

Some fields are not editable directly. To make changes on these fields, please contact the support at the following address: 

compagny details

compagny details


  1. General informations that you insert when you create accounting
  2. Accounting information
  3. Insert a blocking date if you want to prevent any writing before this date. You can modify this blocking date at any time. Very interesting after having made a year-end closing.
  4. Save or delete your logo in png, jpg, jpeg or gif

On the bottom of the page, the following information is available.

Bottom page of company details


  1. Information relative to the company VAT. For any change, please contact us under
  2. Delete all your accounting and your company’s accounts by clicking this button
  3. Don’t forget to save the changes


We are available to answer all your questions per email under We answer within 48 hours.