VAT setup

Company Creation: VAT setup

This is the third step of the company creation process. You will input information about your VAT registration.

The 3 steps are:

  1. Answer the question: “Are you VAT registered ?”
  2. If yes, fill in each fields
  3. In any case, confirm the information by clicking on “Save and continue”

Or jump directly to the VAT setup troubleshoot chapter.



1) Answer the question: “Are you VAT registered?”

  • If yes, please fill the form (go to number 2)
  • If no, save and continue (jump to number 3)
VAT registered?

VAT registered?


2) Fill in each field.

VAT setup

VAT setup

  • Which model do you use to report the VAT: The normal model is the effective model. To be under the net tax rate model, you need to have made a specific query to the tax authority. To be certain, you can look at the official form the tax authority sent you. If some of the fields are in black crossed, then you are under the net tax rate. If all fields are empty and white, then you are under the effective model.
  • VAT number: This is your official VAT number. It is your UID number + the suffix VAT. You can find it under (open in a new window). or you can find it on the offical form the tax authority sent you.
  • Starting date of the VAT: This is the date from which you want to be able to book with VAT. We recommend to use the same as your accounting year.

3) Confirm the information by clicking on “Save and continue”

If you inputted all the information correctly, you are automatically moved to the next step: “Chart of Accounts – 1”.

If you successfully finished a step, the information are saved and you can come back later to continue the process.


VAT setup Troubleshoot

  • Where are my VAT codes?: we will import automatically all the standard VAT codes in your company at the end of the creation. You can then manage them in the Company Settings / VAT code menu. This mean activate or deactivate a code or create a new one.

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